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Confident air conditioning servicing when you need it most

With most new modern vehicles coming with air conditioning included within the vehicle, many owners are unaware that every year their air conditioning loses power. Manufacturers recommend owners of vehicles with air conditioning to book their car in for an air conditioning service at least once every two years.

By booking your vehicle in for an air conditioning service which is not included during a regular vehicle service, you can be sure that your system is running to its full capacity when needed to cool you down in the summer months.

When you book your vehicle in for an appointment at the Best Service Centre in Guildford, you can be sure that you are receiving a most thorough and accurate service. Using the latest tools our mechanics can conduct a refuel of vital gases, an anti-bacterial clean and replacement of vital pollen filters.

Save money and fuel with an air con service

Booking your vehicle in for a service every two years can have huge benefits, not just to the function of your air conditioning, but also save you money in the long run.

Air conditioning systems which are struggling to function to their full capacity force the engine to work harder to power the system, using more fuel and costing you money later down the line. By booking your vehicle in for a service, you can be confident that you are saving cash but also not imposing any health risks to your passengers.

During an air conditioning service at Best Service Centre, our mechanics will inspect your system to be confident that all the parts are working and fault free. Our service will also include a refuel of the vital gases and lubricants which escape through the filter every year, totalling up to a large 20%.

If you are experiencing a funny, strange smell when you use your air conditioning our team will also perform an anti-bacterial treatment, helping to remove any bacteria or fungi that have built up in the moist vents and released when the system is switched on. Conducting an anti-bacterial treatment is also necessary is being confident that there are no harmful bacteria being released into the body of the vehicle.

Quality replacement parts

If a replacement part is needed to restore the functioning of your air conditioning, you can be positive that we will purchase all needed parts from respected and genuine dealers. Many drivers are aware that their vehicle is due an air conditioning service, by their system struggling or refusing to work altogether.

However, if you are unsure about whether to book your vehicle, our friendly team can answer any queries but also give you honest and accurate advice on any maintenance work that might be required. By booking your vehicle in for an air conditioning service at Best Service Centre, you can be confident that you will remain cool on the roads this summer. Book online anytime, using our 24-hour booking tool or contact one of our friendly team today.

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